Controls Pressure in the Sinus Cavity!
  • Multiple implant placement
  • Watertight sinus elevator
  • Atraumatic technique
  • Flapless procedure


sinus Physiolift®

Sinus Physiolift® by Mectron is a new way to elevate the Schneiderian membrane with gentle hydraulic pressure via your implant osteotomy.

The concept behind Sinus Physiolift® is very simple.  Prepare a 2.4mm osteotomy from the crest of the alveolar ridge to Schneiderian membrane and then use controlled hydraulic pressure to gently elevate the Schneiderian membrane.

Using a stock syringe you can then place your graft material into the site. Once the graft is in place, simply finish the osteotomy and place your implant.

The Sinus Physiolift® performed with the Piezosurgery® technique is considered by many doctors to be the safest crestal technique for accessing and elevating the Schneiderian membrane regardless of the shape of the sinus floor.



Clinical Applications

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